Waxes & Waxing

To Wax – or Not To Wax?

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Waxing at Home
If permanent hair removal like laser or electrolysis doesn’t fall within your budget, and let’s face it, for many of us it’s a nonstarter, the use of wax as a hair removal option has many virtues. There’s no need to be constrained by the accessibility or costs associated with salon waxing – with the right product and technique you can easily achieve salon results at home. Let’s explore whether this polarising method of hair removal is for you.

The longevity of smooth skin and reduced frequency of having to remove hair is a huge plus for waxing. With the hair removed at the roots, this interrupts the hair growth cycle and can give you up to 6 weeks of smooth skin.
The cost of at-home waxing is relatively inexpensive in comparison to other hair removal methods and the benefits far more favourable.

Through ongoing technology and product improvements, the quality of current at-home waxing products and the convenience of their accessibility means waxing whenever you want or need to.

Your regrowth after waxing has a soft tip, so is gentler than the angled cut of a razor, making regrowth softer. With repeated waxing the hair follicles weaken, resulting in fewer and finer hairs.

One’s waxing technique can make or break a waxing experience. Like anything, practice makes perfect. As a beginner, start with simpler, less sensitive areas like legs and then progress to the curvier, more difficult to reach places. Consider working with a wax-buddy – enlist the help of a sister or bestie while you master those skills.

There’s no getting away from the ouch factor. There are nerves around the roots of hair follicles – so when removing hair, you feel it. Most people can take it in their stride. Each individual has a different pain threshold, so for some, waxing will work, for others not. A palm placed firmly on the waxed area goes a long way to diminishing any.

Regrowth needs to be around 3-4mm in length before waxes will effectively remove the individual hairs. As individual hairs grow at different speeds, if you wax before all hairs are sufficiently long, it can create a patchy effect.

Before we wrap up, please consider this: When it comes to waxing – all areas are not equal. There’s a significant sensorial difference between waxing a calf or thigh top than there is waxing your underarms. What hair removal format works for one part of your body, may not be right for another. For at-home waxing. our suggestion is to start with your legs – probably the least sensitive of all areas. Once you’ve honed your technique, move on to other areas that may be a little more sensitive or require a little more skill for the optimal waxing experience.