Skin Care & Concerns

How to Conduct a Patch Test

Many customers ask us – what’s the hoo-ha around patch tests and why should you do them? What happened to “seize the day” and spontaneity? It’s a schlep!!

We get you! But seriously, it’s in the best interests of your comfort and well-being. Simply put, a patch test helps determine whether your skin is compatible with the ingredients of the product you’re using. If there are any sensitivities or allergies, a patch test will trigger an early warning and allow you to manage any reaction. Additionally, the area is small and contained, minimising any risk or discomfort. And remember, your skin is your largest organ and is in a constant state of flux, so it’s essential to conduct a patch test each time before using our products. NB – please only test products in the area or areas for which they were intended – i.e., don’t test a facial hair removal product on your leg to determine skin compatibility – it will not give you an accurate reaction.

So how do you go about it? Following on-pack instructions, simply prepare the product (if prep is required) and apply a small amount to the skin; roughly 2cm in diameter – the size of a R 2 coin. Be sure to apply the product in the area in which you want to make use of it – as skin sensitivities differ from area to area on the body. For creams, lotions and cream bleach, leave on the skin for the recommended period, as per pack directions, then remove normally. For waxes, we recommend leaving on for 20 -30 seconds, until the wax is “set” but still pliable, then remove.

In both instances, wait 24 hours to determine whether any reaction becomes evident. If your skin remains calm and comfortable, proceed with your chosen product, if not, it’s better to seek an alternative solution. If a severe reaction occurs during the application time, remove the product immediately and treat the skin symptomatically. Any redness and swelling can be treated with a cold compress and some soothing aloe vera gel. A rash or itchiness is best treated with an antihistamine cream.

Below are the recommended areas to conduct a patch test when using products from the Mandy’s range.


 Body AreaPatch Test Area
FaceOn the neck, just below the jawline in the space where you’d feel if your glands were swollen
UnderarmsOn the upper inside of the arm – the topmost section of your armpit
ArmsOn the inside of your arm; the mid-forearm area
BikiniOn the inside of your hip, at the edge of your mons pubis
LegsBehind the knee, where the “crease” of your leg is