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In modern times (and certainly post the 60’s Woodstock era), underarm hair removal has become an integral aspect of personal grooming for many women. Whether for aesthetic reasons or personal comfort, keeping the underarm area free from unwanted hair still appears to be today’s popular preference. Mandy’s respects that choice, and this article is not intended to cast shade on anyone’s preference of hair, or no hair, under their arms.

Additionally, Mandy’s has significant experience and expertise in at-home underarm hair removal: waxing (whether with strips, hot or warm wax) and depilatory creams and lotions. If this is your space, read on . . . . . . . . .

Hair removal creams and lotions, also called depilatory creams and lotions, offer an easy, super-convenient hair removal option for underarms. Virtually no skill level is required—a sound understanding of product selection and an ability to read and comprehend the best practice instructions are all that is needed to achieve optimal results. Skimp on those, and there are potential issues. Let’s unpack that a bit more.

  • Understanding how to select the right product is simple, and we advocate this rule of thumb: “Regular” skins generally tolerate “regular” formulations. Products that highlight “Sensitive” formulations are best suited to skins and areas prone to sensitivity. We’d generally classify underarms as sensitive areas, and our default recommendation would be to use a product with “sensitive” associated with the product formulation.
  • Reading and Following instructions – hmmm – flaws in this area are traditionally the realm of the male species. However, it has also become evident that some women have this gene. We don’t write pack instructions and information leaflets for our health and well-being – honestly, it’s for yours! Follow the instructions, do the patch test and only use the product for the recommended duration. That’s all there is to it!

From the Mandy’s range, our Sensitive Hair Removal Lotion, Skin Brightening Hair Removal Cream and Sensitive Hair Removal Cream are our top choices for underarm hair removal. These are all formulated specifically for sensitive areas and skin prone to sensitivity.

On that topic, aftercare is really important after any form of hair removal. Along with removing hair, your skin gets a good exfoliation, and that, combined with your depilatory cream or lotion, may cause your skin to be a little sensitive. Here’s where we recommend a sister product, Thank Goodness anti-chafe cream. The soothing and moisturising benefits of the cream calm sensitive skin and prevent any occurrence of post-inflammatory pigmentation. Apply the product immediately after hair removal and repeat this twice a day for 2 to 3 days until your skin feels calm and comfortable.

‍The downside of using a depilatory under the arms centres around the longevity of the results – let’s face it, there are better ways to live life than constantly removing underarm hair! The rate at which hair under your arms grows is unique to everyone, but that said, most women seem to get up to a week’s smoothness before the need to remove hair again. A second consideration is a thorough rinse of the cream or lotion off the skin once it has served its purpose. It makes sense, therefore, to coincide your underarm hair removal with your bathing or showering routine.

If the longevity of results is your game, read on some more. . . .

Underarm Waxing remains a popular option for women who want to remove hair at home. Whether you prefer wax strips or hot or warm wax, one achieves the same outcome. Waxing has the benefit of long-lasting results, and repeated waxing delivers the definite bonus of softer, slower, and sparser regrowth. Again, results differ by individual, but waxing generally delivers 3 to 4 weeks of underarm smoothness as a hair removal option.

Waxing has an undeserved reputation for being painful. You may not want to hear this, but “pain” is primarily due to compromised technique rather than poor product performance or extreme skin sensitivity. Waxing requires skill, and with that skill honed, underarm waxing will deliver superb results with minimal discomfort. Plus, if you keep up with your regular waxing schedule, you’ll find that you can tolerate any discomfort better.

Looking at the check boxes for waxing, we believe these are vital items for the best outcome.

  • The right product—not all waxes and wax strips are equal. Products like sugar wax are better suited to fine hair, while other hot wax may be best suited to coarse hair. Choose wisely.
  • Hair Length – allow your hair to grow to around 3 – 5 mm and give the wax enough hair to grab onto.
  • Patch Test—Your skin may be sensitive to an ingredient in the formulation. A patch test and a determining period of 24 hours will be a sure sign that your skin is compatible. It’s a schlep, yes, but better than a full-blown allergic reaction.
  • Temperature Test – when you’re ready to apply your hot wax, test the temperature on the inside of your wrist. This will avoid any risk of being burnt.
  • Basic Physiology: Understand that hair under your arms grows in different directions. The hair in the upper armpit area grows upwards, and the hair on the lower part grows downwards. This means a two-step removal process – and no, there’s no shortcut here.
  • Technique: Practice makes perfect—trust us on this! Use your legs to improve your skills until you’re ready to tackle the less accessible and curvy underarm areas. Apply the wax or strip per the pack directions, but ensure that the hair is removed against the direction of hair growth. Re-waxing an area is a no-no, and avoid any clothing that may chafe your recently waxed area.
  • Discomfort—the “ouch” factor. Again, it’s an individual thing. Tweeze an eyebrow, Pull off a plaster. Yes, there’s ouch, but you can do this. It’s the same for waxing. The correct technique will ensure that this is the extent of your discomfort.
  • Post Hair Removal Treatment—Removing hair from underarms, irrespective of the method, can be aggressive on sensitive skin under the arms. So give your pits some extra TLC in their newly hair-free state. We prefer a fragrance-free anti-chafe cream with soothing, calming, and moisturising benefits applied twice daily for a few days after hair removal. Also, avoid fragranced products for 24 hours.

Wax-wise, Mandy’s has several product options that are perfect for underarm hair removal. For wax strip fans, Mandy’s Original Bikini and Underarm strips are precut to size for underarm areas. Mandy’s Soft Feel Leg strips can easily be trimmed to size, making a great alternative.

For hot wax fans, we have four alternatives for underarm waxing:

  1. Mandy’s Water-Soluble Wax is a sugar-based wax that is removed with epilating strips. Great for fine hair and first-time waxers.
  2. Mandy’s Film Wax – a gorgeous shimmering pink film wax that works on hair as short as 2 – 3 mm. It only requires a thin application, so it’s economical to use.
  3. Mandy’s Microwaveable Hot Wax—Enriched with Shea Butter, this wax is gentle on the skin but tough on hair. It’s a perfect option for short, coarse hair.
  4. Mandy’s Hot Wax Mug heats up conveniently on a stovetop. This wax is also enriched with Shea Butter and ideal for short, coarse hair.

Not essential, but highly recommended for the early days of your waxing journey, is to recruit a “waxing buddy”. Enlisting the assistance of your mom, sister, or BFF will go a long way to ensuring that you achieve the best results with minimal discomfort.

Raise those hands high in the air, girl! You’ve got this waxed!