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How Painful Is Waxing Really?

what if it hurts

Let’s Talk Waxing, Fear And The Ouch Factor

So – we’d like to put it on the table and acknowledge the elephant in the room. There’s one major reason why women (and men for that matter), don’t use wax as a hair removal method. Fear. Discomfort, smarting, tenderness, pain and anything that potentially could hurt us flashes a loud, warning emotion when we consider it. Its ok, we understand. We acknowledge your feelings. But work with us here, and let’s try and help you figure this out.

Think about it – waxing involves removing hair from the root, and yes, with that action, there’s a sensation that accompanies it. The length of the hair, and the amount of hair you remove, is generally proportionate to the feeling experienced. That said, some areas of your body are far more sensitive than others, and the sensation experienced waxing your upper lip, can be more intense and potentially more uncomfortable, than waxing a whole leg. Understand your body’s sensitive areas and treat them accordingly.

Typically upper lips, underarms, inner thighs and bikini lines tend to be more sensitive than legs, arms and chins. Moreover, your levels of sensitivity increase around the time of menstruation – so avoid waxing a few days prior or after your period. Ideally, hair should be between 3 and 5 mm in length when waxing; if the hair is much longer, the risk of discomfort increases. And believe it or not, the seasons also have an impact on the level of sensation experienced. In colder temperatures, the muscles around the hair follicles tend to tense up, making the release of that hair follicle a little more challenging. Conduct your waxing in a room with an ambient temperature that’s comfortable for you. Experiment with different techniques to treat any discomfort experienced after waxing – applying firm pressure to the waxed area with your palm, or a cool, damp face cloth or a soothing aloe vera gel can resolve any tenderness experienced.

Waxing technique also plays a huge role, and the more proficient you are at using wax as a means of hair removal, the less the chance of experiencing any discomfort. In the early days of waxing yourself, it’s often a good idea to enlist the assistance of a mom, sister or girlfriend to help out, while you gain the required skills to wax effortlessly. And seriously, you don’t need Superhero powers to tolerate waxing – it you can withstand the removal of a Band-Aid or Elastoplast, waxing will be a breeze! The ultra-smooth feel of waxed skin, the extended results waxing offers and the long-term benefit of finer, sparser hair outweighs any potential discomfort!